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Zhejiang Ruishen Electric Technology Co., Ltd

The predecessor of Zhejiang Leshen Electronics Co., Ltd. was founded in 2009 and renamed Leshen electronics. Over the years, the company has been committed to the development and production of intelligent electrical appliances for internal control of distribution boxes and cabinets. In the field of building control, the company has effectively solved the problems of cumbersome traditional circuit lines, high installation cost and after-sales difficulties, which has been favored and determined by complete sets of manufacturers and many users.

With the diversification of user needs, the company was promoted to Zhejiang Ruishen electric in 2020 in line with the needs of diversified development of product series in professional fields.

  • 2011

    Establishment time

  • 31+

    Qualification certification

  • 1186

    Registered capital

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Electrical componentsExplore more

Electrical components include: circuit breaker, disconnector, contactor, relay protector, fuse, capacitor compensation device, instrument, master switch, power supply and other industrial control devices!

Set Equipment Explore more

The complete set of equipment is divided into low-voltage distribution complete set and high-voltage distribution complete set:
The complete set of low-voltage power distribution is divided into: weak current box, household box, meter box, small three boxes, cable branch box, fixed 21 cabinet, drawer cabinet, etc.
The complete set of high-voltage distribution is divided into: Central cabinet, ring network cabinet, switching post, box substation, etc.

Industrial control seriesExplore more

Frequency converter, soft start, motor protector, water pump fan control and protection switch, etc

Information dynamics
Case display
The application industry has developed from housing to commercial buildings, public buildings, industrial plants, power supply bureaus, OEM and other fields.
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Welding industrial robot in operation

Grab metal sheet

Factory workshop conveyor belt

In cooperation with various design colleges, Ruishen Electric will inherit the original intention of Ruishen Electric's excellent design and make more unique innovation.

Application of electronic components in industrial production

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