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Ten Characteristics of Self Composite Undervoltage Protector

March 8, 2023
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When the single-phase line is under voltage, cut off the line and the single-phase line voltage returns to normal. After a delay, the line will automatically reset and connect without the need for manual operation.

2. When transient or transient overvoltage occurs on the line, the protector will not cause misoperation.
3. When the voltage of the circuit is unstable due to faults such as accidental contact, or when there is a sudden power outage or incoming call, the protector will not connect the circuit.
When the circuit fault voltage is high, the protector itself will not be damaged.
5. The protector is characterized by inverse time action, with an action time of ≤ 1s.
6. Voltage protection range: 0~450V below 40A, 0~600V for 50/60A.
7. Impulse withstand voltage: 4kV (in accordance with Class III electrical safety standards).
8. The protector has a dual color LED indicating the working status, green indicating normal voltage, and red indicating undervoltage or delay.
9. Modular design of appearance and installation of guide rails.
10. Wiring capacity: Insulated wires of 25mm2 and below.


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