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About us

Ruishen Electric's predecessor was Leqing Ruishen Electronics, established in 2009 and renamed Zhejiang Ruishen Electronics in 2011. For many years, the company has been committed to the development and production of intelligent electrical appliances for internal control of distribution boxes and cabinets. In the field of building control electrical equipment, it has effectively solved the problems of traditional circuit complexity, high installation costs, and after-sales difficulties. It has been favored and approved by complete set manufacturers and many users.

With the diversification of user needs and the need for diversified development of product series in the professional field, the company was promoted to Zhejiang Ruishen Electric in 2020, and in 2021, it absorbed RUISHENCO from the UK, LTD company has invested funds and technology into a joint venture and obtained a series of high and low voltage complete sets qualifications. With the cost advantage of independent research and development and production of components and the complementary nature of the complete set industry, it has gradually opened up the production and sales closed-loop chain of products, laying a dual advantage of technological leadership and high cost-effectiveness in the eyes of end customers!

After years of technological research and practice, the company obtained an invention patent for high current and low-power contactors in 2021. It invested heavily in incubating low-power contactor projects, actively responding to the great goal of national carbon neutrality and peaking carbon emissions, and striving to build an "energy-saving enterprise" to shoulder its social responsibility for the national power grid and energy-saving industry!

  • two thousand and eleven

    Establishment time

  • thirty-one+

    Qualification certification

  • one thousand one hundred and eighty-six

    Registered capital


corporate culture

Corporate Vision:Becoming a leading brand in intelligent integrated distribution systems

Corporate Mission:Provide more energy-saving and convenient installation solutions for the distribution industry

Corporate Values:Brave to take on responsibilities, innovative and progressive

  • Core values

    勇于担当 创新精进

    Core values

    勇于担当 创新精进

  • Corporate Vision


    Corporate Vision


  • Business style

    Harmony, integrity, effectiveness, innovation, serving customers

    management idea


  • Company Mission


    Company Mission



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