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About Surge protector

March 8, 2023
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Surge protector is also called power supply lightning arrester (or high-voltage lightning arrester) SPD. 50/60 is applicable to communication AC HZ, and the rated current is up to 380V. In the power supply and distribution system (or communication system), the Surge protector used for power supply lightning protection becomes the power supply Surge protector, which is divided into primary power supply Surge protector, secondary power supply Surge protector, tertiary power supply Surge protector and fourth power supply Surge protector according to the level of its protective power source. 1. The current carrying capacity is different. Generally speaking, the level of overcurrent in the first level is much higher than that in the second level. The first level is mainly used for drainage pipelines, and the second level is mainly used for pressure limiting. After the first level drainage pipeline, the current value significantly decreases after the second level pressure limiting. The primary power Surge protector has a large current carrying capacity, and the discharge current is 100-200kA. The voltage protection level is 1800-2000 kV. The discharge current of the secondary power Surge protector is 40-80kA, and the working voltage protection level is lower than 25000 kV. 2. The protection effect of the primary power Surge protector is different. It is mainly used for lightning current relief. The products are mostly voltage switch type 10/350 μ S-wave pattern; The important role of secondary power Surge protector is to limit overvoltage, and the product is 8/20 μ S-wave pattern. 3. The product form is different. The first level power surge is divided into power lightning protection box (B+C box type linkage, first level power lightning protection box, first level power lightning protection control module), and the second level power Surge protector is usually the power lightning protection control module. 4. The installation methods are also different. Generally speaking, the first level of Three-phase electric power incoming distribution cabinet is installed in a house, and then the second level is assembled on each floor. The primary power lightning protection box is installed at the entrance of the building, outdoor large and medium-sized key equipment power supply, weak current machine room, etc; The primary power Surge protector is the main distribution box of the building and the internal structure of the distribution box of the outdoor machinery and equipment with large power. The secondary power Surge protector is assembled in the distribution box of outdoor incoming and outgoing line input.


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