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Introduction to the functions of fire inspection cabinets

March 8, 2023
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The fire patrol inspection cabinet is a kind of equipment with high Factor of safety, low electric flow and low power consumption, which is favored by many different industries. In addition, this equipment also has many different functions. For this matter, the general functions of its equipment will be introduced in detail below. 1. Inspection function: Fully automatic low-speed inspection of fire pumps is carried out one by one according to the established cycle time. Generally, the rotation speed ratio of each centrifugal water pump during inspection is 300 revolutions per minute, and the inspection operation time is 10 minutes; (The duration and cycle time can be set as needed) and can be manually and automatically switched according to the power switch to complete the inspection. 2. The function of fully automatic withdrawal from inspection and entering into fire safety: The inspection cabinet automatically withdraws from inspection and enters into fire safety operation when encountering fire safety data signals during the entire inspection process. 3. Alarm and maintenance functions: The inspection cabinet also has alarm and maintenance functions for short circuit faults, overcurrent, motor power off, and other faults. During the entire inspection process, faults are detected and sound and light alarm data signals are sent out. The alarm equipment has fault memory function, recording the specific content and duration of the fault. Fire inspection cabinet 4. Remote control monitoring and operation function: The inspection cabinet can be equipped with remote control and controller according to the customer's requirements. According to the system bus and fire safety control center communication, it can achieve the goal of operating the fire safety control center monitoring system. 5. Pressure water supply function: The inspection cabinet can also carry out pressure water supply for the pipeline system software based on the configuration of the fire pipeline. Equipment for pressure water supply inspection should be selected, and the pipeline should have anti overpressure measures. Equipment should be installed to inspect and release pressure control circuits, and the circuit settings should be reliable. 6. Alarm SMS function on mobile phones: According to the customer's needs, the inspection cabinet can also be equipped with a SMS alarm module. When a fault occurs, the fault information content is sent to the customer's mobile phone based on the SMS message, reminding the customer to handle it properly. The above six points are a detailed introduction to the common functions of fire inspection cabinets. Based on their detailed introduction, customers can have a clearer understanding of the application of the equipment, thereby reducing equipment application failures and reasonably increasing its service life.


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